Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flight Attendant Helps Land Plane

In a bit of strange news a flight attendant helped land an Air Canada flight after the original co-pilot lost it.

Air crew had to forcibly remove the pilot of a plane carrying 155 passengers when he suffered a breakdown mid-flight over the Atlantic. An air steward then had to help pilot the jet in an emergency landing at Shannon.

Another steward was hurt as the crew forced the co-pilot out of the cockpit. Yesterday, the Dublin-based Air Accident Investigation Unit released a report into the Air Canada Boeing 767 drama.

Well it is a good thing that she didn't have to crash the plane, because I hear that is exceedingly difficult for a novice pilot.

The co-pilot had some sort of mental breakdown.

“The First Officers behaviour then became belligerent and uncooperative which convinced the Commander he was now dealing with a crew member who was effectively incapacitated.”

“The Commander called the Incharge Flight Attendant 4 to the Flight deck to witness what was occurring and told him that he was now of the opinion that he was dealing with a flight crew incapacitation.

“The First Officer was informed by the Commander that he was to secure his seat belt and become co-operative or he would have to consider him incapacitated and with the resulting repercussions. The First Officer was unresponsive to this communication.

Apparently they first realized he was having a mental breakdown when be began repeatedly yelling "It was north of the Citgo!"

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