Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Questions for the Troofers

Joseph Welch of Counterknowledge turns the tables on the Troofers and their "just asking questions" wheeze:

(10) If the WTC towers in New York City were destroyed by controlled demolitions rigged by US government agencies, then why were the fake terrorist attacks used to cover up these controlled demolitions so insanely convoluted? Why concoct a scenario involving the hijacking of planes which are then crashed into tower blocks (involving complicated planning involving remote controlled flights timed with explosives detonated in the towers, which allow plenty of opportunities for gliches and technical errors)? Why not use a more simple means, such as a truck bomb?

The questions are well-thought out and of course the Troofers who have responded have not answered a single one, rather they have attacked Mr Welch. Very highly recommended!

Update: Two marvelous comments over there deserve to be highlighted. WJA says:

Good post. An even quicker way of deflating the Truther’s is ask them just this one question:

“What fact, if proved, would cause you to seriously question your ‘inside job’ hypothesis?”

This was Ron Wieck's most devastating question to Dylan and Jason during the Hardfire debate, where they were forced to admit that nothing would change their mind.

And another commenter named Queenie has a suggested experiment:

What we should do, is build a large, open steel, tower. With an elevator at the centre, to take passengers up to the top. 1300 feet. Into a compartment.

And then we should convey the assembled troofers into the elevator, and up to the top. If they are so confident that the WTC was not brought down by the fire load, they will demonstrate the integrity of their stance, by remaining in the compartment while the steel at the base, is raised to the temperatures caused during the attack. What could they possibly have to fear?

Update II: Troy provides us with this photo of Donald Stahl, one of the Troofer commenters over there:

That's him in the middle with the belly button hanging out. Troy himself is at the far right, in Dodger Blue, making fun of the kooks.