Friday, December 12, 2008

Absence of Gage

LOL! I tuned in Alex this afternoon, intending to listen to Richard Gage marvel about his trip to Europe. "Did you know there's a country over there called Lichtenstein? And I happened to be in the next town over and there were two Lichtensteinians--what are the odds of that?"

But Box Boy Gage apparently can't handle the time zone difference, thinking he was going to be on an hour from now. Jones gripes about how often his producers have to remind folks that his show runs on Central Time.

Gage also marveled at this building in London, which I have to admit is pretty cool:

Although it looks more like a Christmas tree ornament to me than the world's largest pickle.

Update: I listened to Alex anyway and there was a hilarious bit near the end of the hour. One of Alex's buddies who's been fighting the New World Order for over 50 years calls in to tell him that the Marines are out on the streets of Austin, near a Toys R Us store.

Alex recognizes him as a long-time ally named Jim Dillon, and he gets one of the Marines on the phone. Turns out that they're collecting Toys For Tots. So now I'm laughing, but it gets better. Alex claims that this is all part of a plot to get Americans used to seeing the Marines on the streets so that when they take over the country we'll be acclimated to seeing them, and did he know about the Northcom plan to do something. The Marine is a little nonplussed, so he says something like "Well, I don't know about that, but we're out here to help poor kids who might not get toys this Christmas."

What a paranoid fruitcake Alex is!

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