Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Dumbest Idea Yet

From the increasingly inaccurately named Veterans for 9/11 Truth mailing list:

The interregnum should be used to put pressure on Obama to do what we want him to: investigate 9/11 properly. If we fail to do this it will be the final proof that the leading figures in our "truth movement" are not on our side at all, but only shills.

Therefore I propose something that no one can disagree with: a new 9/11 Truth Commission headed by David Ray Griffin.

Nothing more or else, because anything more or less would give too many people too many things to argue about and forestall the process. Calls for action must be as simple as possible. Ignore the outcries and specious arguments why this won't work. It will if we do it. If EVERY 9/11 truth group and site takes up this cause 100%, it will happen. Just do it, and watch them show their colors. There is nothing to organize. All you have to do is call for a new investigation headed by David Ray Griffin.

Yeah, that is what we need, an investigation led by someone who has managed to write 7 books on the subject, all without doing any significant investigation or interviews, merely by copying news reports and websites, and someone who admits he doesn't even bother to check his sources, and can't even follow his own argument closely enough:

My point, I thought I made clear, was that although I had not been "intentionally misleading," I had been careless. (I had quoted those statements from secondary sources---three of them from Thierry Meyssan's "Pentagate"---without looking them up for myself to read them in context. Also, when I wrote the passage 12 pages later about people "claiming to have seen a missile or small military plane," I failed to realize that the people I had quoted did not specifically claim to have "seen" such a thing but had merely said they thought---as I then falsely believed---that it was either a missile or a small plane.

Yeah, that will find the "truth".