Saturday, December 13, 2008

Few Troofers Anywhere

So says the latest polling from a bunch of countries (PDF file), summarized below:

It's somewhat disappointing to see the number correctly identifying Al Qaeda as the culprit hovering around 60% in Europe, but "Others" included "Arabs" and "Saudis", and the question was open-ended; they just asked who did it and did not give options. It is somewhat surprising to see almost no Europeans opted for Israel, and that even those in the Palestinian territories were twice as likely to say Al Qaeda as Israel.

The only place that showed higher support for US-sponsored "inside job" than Al Qaeda operation was Jordan (although it showed even higher support for Mossad job). Both Jordan and Egypt were far more likely to blame it on the Jews than on Osama. Germany had both the highest proportion of 9-11 Troofers and the highest proportion of Al Qaeda did it among European nations; I suppose they're just more likely to express an opinion than cop out with "I dunno."