Monday, December 15, 2008

Troofer Falk Denied Entry to Israel

9-11 Troofer and UN envoy Richard Falk gets turned away:

Israel's Foreign Ministry said in September that it would not allow Falk to enter the country, after the BBC quoted Falk as defending statements he made last year equating Israel's treatment of Palestinians with Nazi treatment of Jews during the Holocaust. Falk told BBC that Israel had been unfairly shielded from international criticism.

Israel has also complained that Falk's mandate as an investigator was confined to human rights violations by Israel toward Palestinians and did not encompass violations by Palestinians toward Israelis.

This should enhance Falk's standing among the Troofers who rail about the Zionists.

Hat Tip: Commenter Adversity1

Update: Our buddy Walter Ego reminds us of this video featuring our buddy Stephen Lemons confronting the Troofers at the 9-11 Denial of Accountability Conference on Eric D. Williams:

Walter does get one label wrong; the guy who asks Eric if people got killed as a result of state policy in World War II is not Kent "Cow-Killer" Knudson, but Jim Marrs. But a great job otherwise, Walter!

BTW, has anybody seen the closing of that conference video, where they invited Eric Williams up onto the stage for a show of unity? I've been looking for that one for awhile now, but (not surprisingly) it doesn't seem to be around.

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