Thursday, December 04, 2008

WAC-CO Addresses Sean Fitzgerald

At least they admitted he was a member, unlike one of our anonymous commenters who claimed that he'd never been a WAC-CO member. But no admission of scrubbing their website, you notice. We Are Change Colorado had no contact with Sean after he got back from Thailand? What about Fran Shure, or Michael Wolsey? Are they members of WAC-CO?

Hey, I'm just asking questions. I don't have to come up with an alternative theory!

Also, note the hilarious exhortation to Troy in the "Info" section of the post:

Your connecting of Sean to us is pitiful and shows your failed attempt to make any argument if this is all you have. And if this is all you have, you look really desperate to make obvious false accusations about groups you have no idea about and have NEVER made any real attempt to contact in a cordial manner. Your lack of objectivity is clear in your videos, anyone with a brain is not only laughing at you but wondering when you will seek professional help.

The original glass-house gang shouldn't be talking about seeking professional help.

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