Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Work by John Brown

There are more parts to this here. The hostess is Christie Czajkowski, who's quite a fruitcake herself (as you will quickly hear). I haven't paid that much attention to her but apparently she got kicked out of the Minutemen organization because she was too extreme even for them. Update: Christie stops by in the comments (Truth Brigade) to tell us that she quit the Minutemen. I don't know the story and am not particularly interested in researching it, so I'll go with her version.

The clip highlights why I'm not terribly interested in appearing on Truther Radio; odds are very strong that I'd be the only sane person involved with the show. But good job by "John"!

Update II: Check out this video of an argument between Christie and former boyfriend and San Diego Minuteman leader Jeff Schwilk. Profanity, definitely NSFW, but wow!

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