Friday, January 09, 2009

The Hijacking Continues

As many of you know, the design for the memorial to Flight 93 attracted quite a bit of attention when it was first unveiled. As many have noted, it appears to be more of a memorial to the terrorist swine like Ziad Jarrah rather than a monument to the heroes like Tom Burnett, Lou Nacke, Jeremy Glick, Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham and Sandy Bradshaw (among others) who prevented that plane from reaching its destination and killing many more people on the ground.

Apparently Tom Burnett's father continues to oppose the redesign of the memorial, and our commenter Alec Rawls has written a book on the topic, called Crescent of Betrayal. I know that this topic is controversial even among 9-11 debunkers in general; some excellent people do not see anything wrong with the design. However, I must confess that I disagree with that stance.

Remember, Arizona's own 9-11 Memorial was similarly hijacked by the PC brigade.

Update: Tim Sumner points us to this comment by David Beamer, father of Todd Beamer and someone I trust:

Excellent plans have been created for a permanent memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The memorial will commemorate the battleground and the burial ground of those who fought back. I am contacting you to ask that you join the many people who have worked, sacrificed, and supported this project. Beyond your personal support, I ask that you contact your entire network of friends, family and associates to seek their support as well. Let us unite a million Americans and complete this memorial.

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