Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Cornucopia of 9-11 Nuttery

Leavened with a lot of liberalism, that's OpEd News. For some reason, unlike some sane liberal sites, OpEd News allows the Troofers to post to their hearts' content. Over in their polls section, one of the nutbars asks whether Obama should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate 9-11.

I love the evidence he presents prior to giving the poll:

A commercial airliner could not possibly fit into that small 15 foot wide hole in the Pentagon on 9/11, and there was no airliner wreckage found at the site, no jet engines made of titanium were recovered, and no passenger seats, luggage, or other aircraft debris were found at the Pentagon site. Once again, the Bush administration fake story holding that a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon is surely a diabolical conspiracy against the American people because the damage done at the Pentagon has all the undeniable and definite characteristics of a deliberate missile hit on the Pentagon.

There are 89 comments on that post as I speak, and that's where the real comedy gold is, like this:

911 was intended to cover up a huge slush fund used by Government (CIA, etc.) to conduct clandestine operations beginning with the end of WW II. The fund was initialized with German gold and topped off with Japanese gold of merely 80,000 tons.

Operations include South America and bringing down the Russian ruble. Arabs were induced to buy gold at $1240 an ounce and sell at $840 an ounce.

Of course! Suddenly it all makes sense!

Or this one:

Also consider that the passengers from the Boston plane visited me the night before - because a member of Al Qaeda, who I won't idertify, ("wouldn't be prudent") was living above me in my apartment building and the genius administrator of my apartment building gave my keys to everyone in the building (12 apts in all) because I have brain dammage - and I'm totally psyched this investigation shall proceed. IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB! That being the case, though, do you really think we'll ever find-out the truth that OUR GOVT WAS IN CAHOOTS WITH AL QAEDA? (don't hold your breath)

Need a reason why? 2 words: MILITARY BUDGET.

Brain dammage you say? But is he really any nuttier than this guy?

Google "Patriots Question 9-11"

Do you want eye witness accounts, professional opinion, from pilots, engeneers, scientists, firefighters, police, government agents, employees, CIA, FBI, NSA, military officers, etc, etc. Patriots Question 9-11 has almost 1,700 testimonies of eye witnesses, high level professionals that were there, and or investigated 9-11. The best site I have found with the most information available. Check it out.

Maybe we should start a site called "Crazy People Question 9-11" with a listing of all the lunatics in the 9-11 Troof Movement. We could have special sections for the Holocaust Deniers, for the former cult members (Webster Tarpley, Bruce Marshall), for the people who have been institutionalized (Web Fairy, Mike Cook), for the people serving time (Jason Gerhard, Delmart Vreeland, Sean Fitzgerald), etc.