Monday, February 02, 2009

The Elephant in the Room Part 1

This is is at least purportedly a documentary about the 9-11 "Truth" Movement, and not an endorsement of their fruitcakery, although that appears to be mostly a fig leaf, and the filmmaker does get into a little bit of "evidence" presentation.

The first part is basically an introduction to the filmmaker. He traveled from England to New York shortly after 9-11 (his father was running in the NY Marathon), but he did not hear about the conspiracy theories until five years later. He was at first dubious, then intrigued and decided to make a movie about the movement. The first segment shows some kids from Ipswich (a city about 50 miles northeast of London) doing a street action. The kid at the beginning is amazingly tall, but about the only evidence he cites is the stupid claim that air force intercepts were common in only a few minutes.

W-Rod appears next. As usual we get the claim that the explosion from below came before the explosion from the plane hitting, but of course this makes no sense to anybody other than a Troofer. Let's assume for a minute that the fruitcakes are correct and that the towers were a controlled demolition. Why would they have explosions going off in the building before the planes hit? Why is W-Rod the only person in his office who talks about this?

I'll take on at least a couple more segments of this film; from what I've heard it gets heavily into the medical problems of the first responders in the second half of the film, and I'm not sure that requires debunking. There are some interesting bits coming up, though including a segment where Cynthia McKinney lets her hair down.