Monday, February 02, 2009

Fruitcakes Continue "Research"

Over at the no-planers forum, a particularly vile nutbar is posting research about Kristen Breitweiser, apparently with the aim of proving that her husband Ron never existed.

So I read through her book "A Wake up Call". She poses as a truth seeker, but talks about the "planes slicing through the buildings" every chance she gets. I don't buy it. She never uses lasts names except when talking about the Jersey Girls. There are no pictures, which is really weird. She does say she bought the house on Long Island although she doesn't say how much it was. It had to be at least 2 million but they only had a mortgage of $300,000 on the NJ prop. (which is weird because it looks like it was an enormous property) She also has an apartment on the Upper East Side.
She doesn't say anything about Ron's "family" she says they had a falling out then doesn't mention them again.
She says to get a death certificate, the WTC companies had to sign an affidavit that the people were in the wtc that day. That's it. Then the families. Perfect opportunity for fraud.
I forgot the story about how they recovered her husband's ring from the wreckage. I don't believe that for a second. Then she says the ME lost his arm in the freezer for three years - it's like they added that part because people didn't buy that they found the ring without the hand. She also mentions another "widow" -the wife of James Martello an equity trader - I looked up their house and they had a mortgage for $4,000.000 (yeah that's million) on a house in Rumson NJ near her that they signed the deed on in August of 2001. Then she paid it off in 2002. Where did that $ come from? Even if there was life insurance they wouldn't get it that fast.

Then Ron's brother shows up:

I have to commend you on your research and can understand how certain coincidences you were able to link together as part of your theory, but as the brother of Ron Breitweiser I think your statement is inappropriate. He did exists and is missed dearly by a family that truly loved him.

They natter on about how Ron isn't in the Social Security Death Index; as I have pointed out endlessly one of the reasons for not appearing there is if survivor benefits are being paid to a spouse or dependent child. It's just another one of those stupid sacred lists that the Troofers invest with so much power.