Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New World Order For Dummies

Jonathan Elinoff, of We Are Change-Colorado (aka WAC-CO), has put together this uninformative little video which is apparently a stand-alone and not part of his Core of Corruption five-video series. It's the usual paranoid stew of Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, and Council on Foreign Relations, but it may get a little more publicity as Elinoff is selling himself as part of the Loose Change crowd:

A mini documentary about the New World Order written and directed by Jonathan Elinoff from Loose Change, details the basic understanding and evidence to introduce someone unfamiliar with the information.

I suspect Elinoff is simultaneously trying to disassociate himself from WAC-CO (one of their members, Sean Fitzgerald, killed his father in November) and at the same time piggyback off the "success" of Loose Change.

The film begins with the familiar "quote" from William Colby that the CIA owns anyone of any significance in the media. Researching this quote can be a pain, but according to this page, it comes from David McGowan's book Derailing Democracy. McGowan's a long-time nutter, with bizarre theories about the moon landing (faked to draw attention away from the Vietnam War), the Columbine shootings (hard to figure out his point there) and, of course, 9-11 (standdown, missile batteries at the Pentagon). He's also got some very bizarre theory about how the Hippie Movement was a government plot.

At any rate, this certainly puts some doubt in my mind as to the wisdom of accepting this quote at face value.

We follow with the mysterious story of Colby's death by boating accident. Elinoff says that "the official story is that he committed suicide." Actually Wikipedia (not always right of course) says that the "official" story is that he he died accidentally of drowning or hypothermia after falling into the water because he had a heart attack or a stroke.

So we're 32 seconds into this film and already we've got a suspicious quote and a mistake; not bad as "Truther" documentaries go. There's a brief clip of David Brinkley reporting on Richard Nixon's decision not to speak at the Bohemian Grove, then this ominous message:

2000 hours! Even a troofer can't watch that much YouTube in one sitting (although I'm sure some will try). And note the usual "the mainstream media won't report this," combined with "just watch this news report from CBS!"

Then we get the Trilateral Commission bit, Lyndon LaRouche's old bogeyman and this:

Memo to our bosses at the New World Order: It might be a better idea not to have these aired the first time rather than airing them and then denying that they exist. Just a thought!

We get the fascinating factoid, much remarked in 2004, that both President Bush and his opponent for the presidency that year, John Kerry, were both Skull and Bones men. Of course, Obama breaks that mold.

Walter Cronkite reports on the USS Liberty Incident. We learn that Walter got an award from a One World Government group. Elinoff brings up the ridiculous book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman as an example of a whistle-blower. Somehow the New World Order failed to kill the author of that silly book, and it became something of a best-seller, despite being written by an economic illiterate as I wrote years ago.

General comments: There is a really annoying Western movie theme being played in the background as a lot of this is going on. And there is an awful lot of "reading" involved in watching this film already, which I suppose is why Dylan went with a voice-over in Loose Change.

It's hard to tell from this snippet exactly which way Elinoff is going with his quintilogy; will it go hard right or hard left, or will it reject that "false paradigm" as nutbars usually do?