Friday, March 27, 2009

AE911 Truth Spokesman Compares Holocaust Deniers to Racial Minorities

In following up to Richard Gage's recent speech at a conference of extremists, and interview with a newspaper founded by a prominent Holocaust denier, I inquired at the "comment" section of their site if Gage was aware of this beforehand, and if he was not, if he still stands by his appearance. I wasn't expecting to get a response, but I did get one earlier, not from Gage, but another representative of the group. Given the context of the question, the last sentence (emphasis mine) was a bit shocking, even coming from a truther.

I read you [sic] memo concerrning [sic] Mr Gage's presentation to the Freedom Law School. Yes these fringe groups are a problem. They have messy past lives and some folks are crazy. Yet they are willing to listen and write stories about how 3 NYC buildings on 9-11-01 disintegrated all in less than a minute total time actually less the 40 seconds. Now the progressive media and the mainstream media not only remain SILENT but still support the "official story" Oh yes what are we to do when asked to present. Reply by saying that they are not pure enough? Just what should we say? It is the TRUTH that we are about and while we see part of the picture we do not see it all. I suspect that the progressive media feels that in some way the 911Ttuth movement is just as crazy and tainted as you describe Freedom Law School. There was a time not too long ago when talking to black men and women was considered dangerous and illconsidered [sic] for proper white folks. Oh to lable [sic] the other side.

I asked further for Gage's response and he stated that he could not speak for him. Although why he could not ask him for his opinion, I still do not know. In any case I then e-mailed Gage personally, but have received no response.