Sunday, March 29, 2009

Letter from a NYC Jail

I cannot believe that I, Luke Rudkowski, was viscously arrested by the NY City Po-Lice while exercising my free rights as a citizen urinalist. I had my valid Info-Whores press pass with me; we even got it covered with plastic so it would look more official--lamin something they call it.

So far they have not abused or tortured me much, apparently knowing that I'm with Alex Jones. A couple of the cops told me when they arrested me that "We know you're not guilty and 9-11 Truth is completely right, but we'd lose our pensions if we didn't run you in."

It's actually pretty boring in jail, but I've been educating the sheeple here about the New World Order and the FEMA death camps. I warned them about eating the food. I wasn't tempted when I looked at the runny eggs, but I am getting pretty hungry. Fortunately my cellmate is really friendly, and he promised to fix me up a nice tossed salad in a couple of minutes.