Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moron Manny, Moe and Luke

Here's an article on their arrest that reads like it was faxed from We Are Change HQ. Check out these laughable claims:

The 22-year old is a slender and clean-cut figure who typically wears a business jacket and tie in public and keeps his hair short and his face clean-shaven. He is certainly not the visual you'd expect of a thug, a violent person or a criminal.

Gimme a break. Luke does not commonly wear a business jacket in public; he wears a suit he bought for $2 at Salvation Army and he only does it when he wants to look less thuggish. He typically wears a NY Yankees baseball cap and a black shirt with the ubiquitous "Investigate 9-11" logo.

Rudkowski was even told that he would be charged with 'impersonating a member of the press', even though he carried credentials on his person.

That's the evidence that he was impersonating a member of the press. The credentials were bogus.

You see, Rudkowski, Verias and Valencia are all volunteer members of a non-profit organization called WeAreChange. As such, Rudkowski has become a philanthropist of sorts, conducting fund-raising activities to help offset the medical expenses incurred by first responders who have suffered profound medical complications after the events of September 11, 2001.

Oh, my lord. Luke the philanthropist? Give us a hint here, Luke; how much money did you raise for the FealGood Foundation at the 2007 anniversary?

Rudkowski and his mates could face stiff time and fines if found guilty. Within hours of their incarcerations, the online communities and social networks were ablaze with outrage over the arrests. Oddly enough, the media fell utterly silent.

Well, she's right about that; the only outlet that has covered the story is Infowhores. Shockingly, ABC News did not lead off with a story about how some schnook from Brooklyn got arrested for trespassing.

I listened to a bit of Luke's moaning about his treatment; he wants us to know that there are cockroaches at Central Booking. Cockroaches! He also claims to have made some sort of deal with Bloomberg to lay off the mayor in return for the latter's assistance on the James Zadroga bill. But Bloomberg turned against his word. There's a compound word for that, and the first part is bull.