Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moron the San Francisco Morons

Carol Brouillet provides us with her report from Baghdad by the Bay:

After much police harassment at the Civic Center for attempting to attach our large banners to trees, we broke down and bought a decent awning, so that we could legally put up our banners, and fend off the rain. The weather report was not promising, nor the looming clouds when I left Palo Alto at 8 am heading north. It is hard, if not impossible to pass out flyers, and not ruin our sound system, books, and educational materials when it is raining, and the turnout at rallies and marches is certainly smaller when the weather is bad.

The crowd was too small, and there were more signs and banners than people:

We were a bit late for the rally, but glad to see many large 9/11 Truth banners, and signs, actually we had almost more than we could feasibly carry and all the cars were parked at the Civic Center, so it was a logistical challenge to find enough people to carry everything. The number of people was disappointingly small; I was expecting between 5 and 15 thousand, but I wondered if there were even a thousand people.