Thursday, April 02, 2009

Core of Corruption Part 1 Released! NWO In Lockdown Mode!

I've watched about 20 minutes of it so far; looks like Elinoff is going for the LIHOP crowd with this one with lots of focus on the CIA and FBI. The dentist from Shreveport who claimed to have met three of the hijackers comes up; yet another conman whom Sander Hicks latched onto.

As usual with these films, there is a continuing effort to have it both ways. "The mainstream media won't tell you these things! Watch this clip from Dan Rather and CBS News!" It's kind of like the media report these things, but then realized they screwed up and so they never reported it again.

I hear that Richard Andrew Grove makes an appearance; that should be worth watching.

Update: Some clear BS starting around 31:00 into the film. Elinoff repeats the claim that Osama's family was flown out of the country while the rest of the country still could not fly. That is a lie, and hilariously, Elinoff demonstrates that a little later with a video clip of Osama's brother on the tarmac in Florida, "eight days after the terrorist attacks". But if Osama's brother was still in America on September 19, 2001, and flights resumed from most airports on September 14, 2001, then how in the world can Elinoff claim he was flown out while the rest of the country couldn't fly?

And it gets even worse. Elinoff claims that no questions were asked of the Bin Laden family. That is not true, and Elinoff knows it because later he highlights an FBI report which left open to interpretation the possibility that Osama himself chartered the family flight out of the country. But that FBI report also noted that the Bin Laden family members were questioned and only allowed to leave because the FBI was convinced they had no knowledge of the attacks.

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