Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't Try This At Home

Jonathan Kay, whom we linked to about 6 months ago, goes to a Richard Gage lecture to get material for a book and finds out the negative about bringing a friend along:

And the movement is attracting new recruits, too. Once he'd finished his lengthy presentation last Saturday, Gage conducted a second poll of the room. This time, when he asked how many people supported the "official theory," mine was the only hand raised. Shocked, I turned to the friend sitting beside me.

After three hours in a room with Richard Gage, she'd changed her vote to "not sure."

Don't laugh; the Stockholm Syndrome is alive and well. Believe me, to folks who are not accustomed to seeing 95% of the Truthers' claims go up in smoke with a simple Google search, the presentation that Gage makes can be quite compelling. It is hard for anyone to believe that Gage could possibly be lying his way through a three-hour (egad!) presentation.

Hat Tip to my old buddy Rob Breakenridge up in Calgary. Rob, I have it on authority that your local Calgary Truther Nathan Moulton (famed for his K-Mart broadcasts) is going to be putting out his own 9-11 Troof movie in the near future.

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