Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Firefighters Slam Firefighters for 9-11 Troof

Update: I see that LtTony, one of the good guys in that thread has noticed that we linked to it. If I can offer some assistance on Barry Jennings: It's useful to note that his times are basically off and this is the source of most of the confusion about his account. Jennings describes arriving at WTC-7 at about 9:00 and discovering it empty, but that was not the case, as the always useful testimony of EMS Chief John Peruggia notes. Peruggia arrived at WTC-7 after 9:03 (we know because he mentions hearing about the second plane hit while still en route), and probably not much earlier than 9:15 (because he mentions stopping in front of the Twin Towers to talk to Chiefs Ganci and Nigro). And when he gets to WTC-7 here's what he describes:

I reached 7 World Trade Center. We walked into the lobby and we were going up the escalators to the main level. I checked in at the security desk. As we reached the top of the escalators, there were lots of people running down the escalator on the promenade. I spoke to one of the Deputy Directors and as I was speaking with him, I believe it was Deputy Director Rotanz, who is a Fire Department Captain on detail over there, Captain Nahmod and EMT Zarrillo approached as well. They had indicated that the building was being evacuated.

That's nothing like what Jennings described, so it is obvious that Jennings arrived at WTC-7 much later than he thought, probably shortly after 9:30 or so when the OEM was evacuated. And once you understand that, what Jennings describes as an explosion is quite plainly the collapse of the north tower.

Update End.

Ah, this is a good one. A firefighter notes the existence of the Kool-Aid Brigade, and asks if anybody knows anything about the guy behind it. A couple firefighters chip in with some obvious mistakes in the FFF911T site:

And I'm sorry, but I have no respect for him as a professional when he promotres misinformation like, "Building #7 collapsed with no structural damage and miniscule fire damage. Why aren’t our fellow firefighters asking why?"

Well, KoolAid1, the leader of the FFF911T jumps in to try to win some converts:

For years I believed the "official story" and aggressively defended it. I read Popular Mechanics and watched all the specials that went over the cause of collapse. I refused to listen to my Lt., told him he was crazy, and should leave the country. I really didn't listen to any of what I thought were "whack jobs/liberals/9-11 twoofers" until a buddy of mine who is a West Point grad non-emotionally opened my eyes.

Yes, I am sure he knew to use the word "Twoofers" (which to my knowledge is mainly used at JREF as a combination of Troofers and "Woo" (unscientific beliefs).

One of the responders:

I just hurt myself. I fell off the chair laughing. This friggin' moron is lecturing ME about NFPA 921. ME!

You may not be here to name call and insult, but I am. You are a loser, pal. I challenge you to walk into any firehouse in NYC and spew this nonsense. Just make sure that you leave good info as to what you want done with your remains (not a threat, but a prediction).

And, just so I fit into your little model, here...I was standing with several hundred other fire fighters outside Manhattan Community College when 7 fell. I watched it, heard it, smelled it and saw it fall. You are 100% completely, totally positively wrong on every single count.

No one missed your first post. Most of us here prefer not to waste our time with people like you that simply prefer to stir the pot and dismiss the word of the true Brothers that were there that day have to say. Show me the masses of FDNY firefighters that stand with you. Come on I'll wait. there are roughly 12,000 of them. Why aren't they lined up en masse to back your position? Because when you face the true facts you end up looking like just another conspiracy wack job.

A bunch of the idiots do pop with the usual talking points. You can tell these "sock puppets" by the single-digit number of posts under their names.

The film was called “Loose Change” (2nd edition). The film brought up many compelling arguments against the “official” story of the events surrounding 9/11. Although I was outraged by such allegations, I felt that I needed to watch the entire film. After it was over, we talked and had some lively debates about the issues addressed. I was disturbed, yet determined to prove that this was all spin and “conspiracy theory”. I went home and spoke with my wife, telling her about the film and how much it bothered me. Over the next couple of weeks, I spent considerable time researching the information presented in the film.

And of course, didn't find out that Loose Change (2nd Edition) had more holes than a Swiss cheese sandwich.

It's a beautiful thread, one to savor. Our sincere appreciation to the firefighters who chipped in to let FFF911T know that they do not represent them.