Monday, April 27, 2009

Loose Change Reviewed on Skeptical Broadcast

Wow, this was terrific. Rebecca Watson of the Skepchick Site appears on a podcast (4/23/09 show if you're coming across this much later) discussing Loose Change. She does a great job of talking about the various iterations of the film, and notes the many pieces of "evidence" that were dropped by the wayside with no explanation as the film morphed over the years. The hosts are very knowledgeable about the topic as well.

The only negative is that Loose Change is only the second half of the show, so you have to skip ahead about 15 minutes if you want to listen to the Loose Change segment only.

Thanks to 9-11 Real Truth for pointing this out in the comments. On the email situation, you cannot imagine what my inbox for SLC looks like; Truthers have signed me up for every bulk spammer everywhere and there's no way to solve that problem. If you want to contact James or me, use the comments; we read and respond to those much, much quicker than we do to emails.