Friday, April 24, 2009

The Obama Deception Debunked Part III

Starting at about 20:00 in. Alex and some of his buddies are at the 2006 Bilderberg conference. A "reporter" claims that the concern is that with the housing crisis the people were reluctant to invest, so therefore they were going to pump the "market" (presumably the stock market) back up to 1998-99 levels and then implode it. Muahahahahaha!

Note particularly that Obama rarely comes up over the next 20-30 minutes. In fact, in one of the few tie-ins to Obama in this segment, Jones tries to convince people that the Obama/Clinton meeting in June of 2008 (after the primaries) was part of Bilderberg.

Earlier, reporters on Obama's press plane learned that the presumed Democratic nominee for president was not aboard when it departed Virginia, where he had been campaigning. Aides said staff members "scheduled him some meetings" in Washington.

The meeting originally was believed to be at Clinton's D.C. home, but sources later said the two met elsewhere in Washington.

Jones goes on and on about this secret meeting as if it was some sort of skullduggery. For chrissakes, they had just finished a long and brutal year of campaigning and they had to find some way to bury the hatchet. Of course they didn't want the media tailing them!

Cue spooky music as Alex heads to the Marriott where the 2008 Bilderberg meeting is to take place. Jones is to stay there for two nights before being "kicked out" for the Bilderberg group. Of course, his reservation was only for two nights anyway, right?

This segment does have the moment of high drama so far as Alex bravely remains in his hotel room despite a fire alarm to give a radio report to George Noory of Coast to Coast AM. I also love that Alex is freaked out because despite being undercover he's being followed everywhere. Maybe his cover was blown by his goofy InfoWars tee shirt?

Next we get the protests at the Bilderberg group. Luke shows up in his $2 suit from Goodwill, as does Abby (whatever happened to her?) from the San Diego wing of the nutbar brigade.

"There's Bernanke, man! Bernanke, you're going down!"

Webster Tarpley reappears to talk about the Trilateral Commission, which he claims ran the Carter White House. Of course the Trilateral Commission was whose old bogeyman? That's right, Lyndon LaRouche.

Jones next goes to that well-known foreign policy expert, Professor Griff of the rap group Public Enemy. Good god, what's next, Vanilla Ice?

Jones claims that Barry Goldwater warned against the Council on Foreign Relations in his 1964 book With No Apologies. Problem #1; With No Apologies was written in 1979.

Goldwater continued in the Senate where he opposed the policies of Jimmy Carter but was an enthusiastic supporter of Ronald Reagan. In later life, Goldwater published two books, The Coming Breakpoint (1976) and his autobiography, With No Apologies (1979).
That Goldwater opposed the Trilateral Commission is hardly controversial.

Jones goes on to present his supposed organizational chart of the New World Order, with Bilderberger at the top, Trilateral Commission in the middle and the Council on Foreign Relations running the show in the USA.

Obama appears to be returning at this point, so I'll break here (about 37:00 in). Note that he has only appeared tangentially for about the last 18:00; indeed, if it hadn't been for the claims that he was at the Bilderberger meeting and that he was the puppet for the NWO, he would have been absent completely for almost half the movie by now.

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