Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ruppert Pans Nano-Thermite; Branded an Agent

Over at his blog:

How does the scientist concerned, Niels Harrit (Is he a Ph.D? There's little sign of it) know that there was ten to a hundred tons of nanothermite in the World Trade Center debris? Who found it? Where is it now? The debris was removed to Fresh Kills in Staten Island as well as to Third World countries ASAP. Is Harrit just assuming there was ten to a hundred tons (give or take an order of magnitude) because that's what he thinks it would take to demolish the buildings?

He says the nanothermite was discovered "by chance" a short while ago. What kind of chance is it when scientists beg for dust samples for years so they can test it for said nanothermite? Every couple of months I used to get their emails. I never complied because the science would not have been valid; the chain of custody was broken. And mind you, the requests were for a few measly samples, not ten to a hundred tons. All of this, by the way, ignores the myriad scientists (Millette, Lioy, Yiin....) who, whether well-intentioned or not, were studying the dust for pollutants.

That part is actually written by his co-blogger, Jenna Orkin, but as Rupper does not disavow it, over at 9-11 Blogger, the condemnation is swift and angry:

Now I'm not so sure that Ruppert ever really quit working for the man...

I used to consider Ruppert the best researcher out there. Until today. What a devastatingly stupid display of ignorance and bias.

But there is some blowback against labeling Ruppert as an agent:

If you make room for extremists like Alex Jones you should be able to deal with, if not like, the opposite extreme. Someone who won't get anywhere near speculation.

Glass houses, stones. Orkin closed her discussion of nanothermite with this:

Harrit is either a loony patsy or pure disinfo.

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