Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still More Hoffman

Here's the final segment of the Hoffman/Arcterus interview; I have not bothered to listen to parts 5-7, because it all seems to be the same.

Where Hoffman goes off the rails is on the assumption that certain theories he finds nutty are being pushed forward by forces malevolent to 9-11 "Truth". The reason that certain nutty theories are being pushed forward are that small "Truther" factions have formed around individual aspects of 9-11. So you've got your folks who think the missile at the Pentagon is the best evidence. You've got others (like Hoffman) who insist it's controlled demolition. You've got others who think Val McClatchey's photo proves inside job, or North of the Citgo, or video fakery. And they're all convinced that they've proven it beyond a reasonable doubt.

They're all paranoid nutbars, of course, which is why Hoffman, despite seeming more sensible than, say, Aldo and Craig, is still convinced that people pushing the theories he disagrees with are government agents, not just paranoid nutters like himself.

If anybody bothers to listen to parts 5-7, I'd like to know if Arcterus ever asks Hoffman about a debate between him and Mark (Gravy) Roberts. I confess that I can only take Hoffman in small doses.

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