Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When Will David Chandler Fix His Errors?

Our buddy Boloboffin at JREF caught a major error in this video by Chandler:

So in freefall conditions, as specified by Chandler, if the final velocity is 16 m/s, the descending section has only fallen 13.04 m, not 52.78 m.

Chandler pops in and acknowledges the mistake, but fails to admit that once the error is adjusted for the supposedly suspicious behavior of the material being ejected horizontally is explained away:

OK. I dropped a factor of 2 somehow. If that's "SPECTACULAR" you guys are awfully easy to entertain. There's a lot easier way to do the problem than all the work you went through, by the way.

Simply equate potential energy at the start to kinetic energy at the finish.
mgh=0.5mv^2. Solving for v you get v=sqrt(2gh).
For h=52.78 m, v=32.16 m/s.

I probably divided by 2 instead of multiplying by 2 inside the radical. I probably shouldn't do these things in my head. Let's make a deal. I'll concede when I'm wrong and you concede when you're wrong. That could lead to civil discussions.

LOL. Let's remember that this guy's supposed to be a high school physics teacher, putting together a video to prove 9-11 was an inside job, and he does the math in his head?

Chandler made the same mistake in an earlier video:

Bolo explains:

In the first part (second video posted here), Chandler talks a lot of crap about terminal velocity of this same piece of ejected material. In the second, he admits that it was crap -- but there is no correcting information on the first video. And that first video was supposed to be supported by the second. It's the same message given. The collapsing upper section had not reached the speed necessary to fling that piece of material out that fast, claims Chandler. The second video was supposed to prove that.

Instead, his own calculations show that the building could have obtained that rate of speed. Yet both videos remain up without corrections.

Note as well in the second video that Chandler mentions that the movie which turned him into a 9-11 Troofer was Eric Hufschmid's Painful Deceptions. I wonder if all those who've been promoting Chandler's work know that he came to the movement via a holocaust denier?

In summary, Chandler has done an excellent job here of proving that in fact the speed of the descending block is equal to the speed of the ejected material.

The point is not to laugh at Chandler for such basic errors. Actually that's untrue; we do have to chuckle at least a bit. But the real point is that in the interests of 9-11 "Truth", shouldn't Chandler correct his errors with a new video explaining how he was mistaken? At the very least he needs to take down the existing videos.

Update: Better still would be to annotate his video to note the mistake, as Boloboffin notes in the comments section.

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