Monday, May 11, 2009

Bermas/Troy Smackdown Generates Some Interesting Comments

Over at Truth Action:

Yeah!! Smackdown!!! WWE and Nascar!!! Alex Jones has HUGE balls!!! Stick it to those NWO, bilderberger, CFR, Trilateral, Illuminati, shills. Macho agreession feels good. Let's hit the roids and do some squats. Then brewskis, skanks, and kicking some Mexican fag ass.

There are really very few sizable groups in the world that are more naive, aggressive, wasteful, neurotic, and damaging to the world, than middle American white men. Alex Jones exemplifies that group in my eyes.

Alex Jones is a huge problem for us. A different kind of problem than main stream society, but just the other side of the coin. Anti-conformity is not non-conformity. The system is well served by his kind of opposition. He promotes useless version of opposition that rallies naive white people into pointless concerns and away from doing anything at all useful.

And in the process, he and his followers, cheerleaders, and recruits, allow anyone trying to undermine our efforts to just sit back and let us screw ourselves.

Alex Jones is one of the most damaging things that this movement had dealt with. Not that Troy isn't a total ass. But if I didn't know who he was and tuned into that show, I would have though that Bermas was a lot more of an asshole than him.

Dem, I'm not really harping on you although you might be insulted. But this clip has absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 truth and including this kind of crap in the affairs of this movement doesn't help.

LOL. If ever there was a movement that was overrun with white guys, it's 9-11 Troof. Aside from Cynthia McKinney has anybody seen a black female "Truther"?