Monday, May 11, 2009

Debate in Arkansas

If you needed confirmation that the Troofer Movement is dead, check out the video coverage of a debate at the University of Arkansas. All those people disguised as empty seats!

Unfortunately, the news clip of Adam Roberts, representing the rationalist side, got chewed up by the video gremlin, but we salute his efforts! I did a little Googling of Mr Roberts and found that he was selected by the Society of Professional Journalists as the second best in 2008 in Region 12 for "General Column Writing".

Adam's also a blogger and here are his thoughts on what he learned from the debate:

* Don't schedule events on Dead Day Eve. (Turnout wasn't as good as we hoped)
* No matter how many times you ask for "evidence, not storytelling," you're still going to get storytelling.
* An hour isn't near enough time to give these issues the treatment they deserve.
* People can look at you in the face and admit that the supposed bombs were apparently invisible, odorless, left no chemical trail and violated the laws of physics, but still must have existed, because the airlines didn't sell the regular amount of tickets for the hijacked flights.
* But, despite all this, common sense and a dose of facts can help at least a few people view those YouTube videos with a more skeptical eye.

One thing does trouble me, though. He apparently opposes the designated hitter. Oh, well, we can't all be perfect.

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