Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gold Out At 9-11 Blogger?

He put up a post on on OpEd by Sibel Edmonds over at the Bradblog, and went off the deep end when it did not immediately get promoted to the front (news) page:

This is my last blog post to 911blogger. This isn't the Controlled Demolition Movement, and yet every other post is about exactly that. The "message" of no longer matches my own. I have asked repeatedly to be taken off moderated comments, and have been ignored. I co-founded this site with dz, and generated the content that built this site's popularity, and now I am ignored. I am done.

There are several "But we love you, Jon," posts. One guy notes that this is far from the first time Gold has done his tearful farewell. Significantly, no comment from Reprehensor begging him to stay.

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