Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Moron the Air

An exceptionally persistent Troofer named Debunker's Debunker has continued to insist against all reason that the EPA said the air was safe to breathe at Ground Zero.

Sorry, Charlie:

What is being done to control the dust in the WTC restricted area and protect the rescue and cleanup workers?
EPA and OSHA are advising rescue and cleanup workers on dust control measures, such as wetting down the debris to keep dust from getting into the air. EPA also is operating 10 high efficiency vacuum trucks to remove dust in residential and business areas near the WTC. EPA has advised the workers in the restricted area to wear respirators to protect themselves from the dust and any asbestos it may contain.

Bolding added for emphasis. The claim that the EPA said it was safe to breathe on the pile is a typical bit of Troofer line-blurring. They take the fact that the EPA rushed to reassure New Yorkers that the air in Manhattan (and Brooklyn) was safe to breathe before all the data was in, and then stretch it to say that the EPA said the air was safe to breathe on the pile. It's dishonesty, pure and simple, the sort of casual intellectual fraud that we are so accustomed to seeing from the 9-11 "Truth" Movement.

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