Sunday, May 03, 2009

Troofer Moron of the Month: David L. Griscom

I have talked about this particular reptile before, but I note he is still active in the 9-11 Troof Movement, posting his support for the nanothermite nonsense over at OpEd News. As you can see, he looks a little like Andy Gump, but his mental ability is more like Forrest Gump.

Griscom holds the distinction of having the single-most offensive theory in 9-11 Troofy Troof. As he wrote:

I envision a similar 9/11 scheme, but one where the passengers boarded under their true names. Indeed, the seat occupancies on all four aircraft allegedly hijacked on 9/11 were very much lower that industry average (averaging 26% of capacity vis-à-vis 71% for all domestic flights in July 2001). So, here I extend my “all passengers survived” postulate to all four 9/11 “hijacked” flights on the notion that this small number of passengers might have been considered by conspirators as the minimum number for public credulity, while at the same time not exceeding the maximum number of “true believers in the cause” willing to accept long separations from their loved ones (sweetened by handsome Swiss bank accounts).

Yep, you or I might consider Todd Beamer an American hero; but in Griscom's alleged mind, he's a co-conspirator living it up in Tahiti on his handsome Swiss bank account.

Apparently our railing about Griscom got through to somebody over at the Scholars for 9-11 Truth and Justice, as I see he is no longer listed on their membership rolls (Who says they don't have standards?). He remains one of the contributors to JONES, however, and of course he's still proudly listed at the buffoonish "Patriots Question 9-11" site; in fact he's the second professor listed (after AK Dewdney).

True to our dictum that idiots who believe in one nutty conspiracy theory believe in another, Griscom is a big proponent of one of the more unusual theories of the 2004 election: That Bush stole Arizona.

Having witnessed suspicious behaviors by poll workers at three of his four precincts, John Brakey launched a 1,000+ hour audit of the voting at precinct #324, and called on David Griscom for assistance in analyzing the voting records.

Eventually, the investigative duo uncovered a pattern of poll-worker fraud, and Griscom was able to use simple gambler’s odds to prove that the probability of seven different irregularities being committed exactly 11 times each, was less than one chance in 20 million if they were seven random accidents due to poll-worker incompetence.

Hooo-boy do the Troofers love that "one chance in 20 million" crap. Never mind that Bush won Arizona by ten percentage points as all the polls had predicted, and that Kerry did not campaign here significantly.

Griscom contributed a couple of comments to a Troofer article on OpEd News which is the reason he came onto my radar screen again.