Saturday, June 06, 2009

KBDI Gets a Black Eye

The Troofers are crowing about Press For Truth getting repeat showings today on KBDI, the dumbest PBS station in America, but somebody in Aurora (a Denver suburb) noticed and called them on it.

Just two days later, KDBI – public broadcasting in Boulder, CO ran a fundraiser during prime time featuring a video entitled, 9/11 Press For Truth, which presents a completely one-sided screed against the Bush Administration, claiming that (it) knew the 9/11 attacks were coming and did nothing to prevent them. The program neglects to interview any senior Bush White House personnel or to even mention the relevant intelligence that was made available to the Clinton Administration.

Executive Producer Kyle Hence, Director Ray Nowosielski, and family member Bob McIlvaine – who lost his son Bobby in the attacks on New York – were in the KBDI studios and extolled their film throughout the evening. Additionally, volunteers from Colorado 911 Visibility were on hand to answer phones, although they appeared without their trademark tin foil hats.

Hat Tip: ConsDemo (in the comments).

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