Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nuttiest Troofer Diary Ever

Over at Kos, from a user named Heckler who is apparently awaiting the ban hammer.

What's most remarkable about the post is the purple prose suffusing every paragraph. One of the commenters accused him of mixing his metaphors; I'd say it's more like he put them in a blender set to frappe.

Let us give praise: with a few picayune exceptions, every skeleton in our internal National Security empire is dragged out into the disinfecting glare of a summer day in Death Valley. Our congressional investigations are, by and large, enviable forays of forensic rigor and infallibility. We may falter and stumble, but in the Invisible Hand we trust to right the ship in all storms.... as long as our faith is sure and we stifle all doubt. All our current problems ensue, really, from a surfeit of the white man’s burden: Democracy and uplifting Capitalism are threatened by global epidemics of insurgency and virulent socialism that could, if not checked by our stalwart sacrifice, plunge the nation, or even the planet, into a great depression!

He takes awhile to get into the 9-11 Trooferism, but once he does, it's the usual crap. Mineta's testimony indicates a standdown; the FBI says it doesn't have any evidence tying Osama to 9-11, fire can't melt steel, etc. In the grand tradition of conspiracy nuts he also pulls in a little bit of other CTs, like the JFK assassination (pulled off by E. Howard Hunt, we are assured). Even Smedley Butler gets quoted.