Saturday, June 06, 2009

Praire Weather Flirts with "Trutherism"

The Obama Administration is talking about letting KSM and the other four 9-11 plotters to plead guilty to a military commission, without a trial. The idea (which will require a change in the law) is apparently being driven by a desire by the administration not to have the interrogation techniques used to come out at the trial.

Some liberal bloggers are outraged:

We refuse to prosecute unless we can get a guilty verdict, and therefore are weighing just keeping them imprisoned for life; I’m not sure how Obama plans doing that considering the Supreme Court rulings, but whatever. They are now suggesting that maybe they should let the accused plead guilty, so they can be put to death without a trial and not worry about it.

I'm not going to criticize them for this as it's too close to politics. Same with this beginning at Prairie Weather, a major liberal blog:

The administration is proposing a "solution" at Guantanamo which will punish some alleged 9/11 murderers without full justice even as it lets other perpetrators of heinous crimes -- Bush administration interrogators -- go untouched.

That's politics, and it's not our bailiwick. However, this nonsense is:

Does this remind anyone else of scuttling the physical evidence of the 9/11 attacks? Remember: most of the steel wreckage was cut and melted down within three months of the attacks and shipped to a steel plant in China.

It's true that most of the steel wreckage was shipped to China, but only after being examined by investigators and structural engineers at the Fresh Kills Landfill:

Most of the recyclable metal at ground zero is being sent to the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island where law enforcement authorities survey the material for evidence. Only then is it released to a scrap processor under an existing long-term contract with the New York City Department of Sanitation to purchase and then recycle scrap metal.

In fact, I remember seeing a picture of some steel beams at Fresh Kills that had been spray painted with the word "Keep". Correction: "Save":

Hat Tip: dwlan in the comments.

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