Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Sekrit Magico NanoThermite

Nanothermite continues to be a magical substance, imbued with any properties you desire. This is a particularly bizarre blogpost on the subject. E. E. Cummings with a nanothermite fetish.

its got the signature of Military Industrial Complex written all over it. think of how expensive and difficult it must be. its a sort of 21st century nuclear material. tremendous energy, yet not radioactive. but alas, it seems to leave a telltale SIGNATURE in the obliterated area. oh well you cant have it all.

who was producing significant quantities of nanothermite 7 years ago? when 7 years later, the military seems still not to know how to do it exactly. see the last link below, a call for research on how to manufacture it in larger quantities by the navy.

heh. again a case of "left hand doesnt know what right hand is doing". military is compartmentalized. I bet there is some super secret segment that figured out how to manufacture the nanothermite, but then classified it. then the navy gets a scent of nanothermite but doesnt know that maybe, its already being mfg'd in significant quantities elsewhere. doncha love our govt?