Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tell Us What You Really Think

A bunch of TruthMove activists discuss New World Order, the current IFC movie on Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski and several other "Truthers".

John Albanese:

9/11 urban legends (like missing planes at the Pentagon) are presented as articles of faith - a fundamentalist belief system - on the fringe of society and the product of a disenfranchised populous.

And of course we have Luke - the sincere but 'not too bright' kid from New York mouthing the dogma of Alex Jones in front of a refrigerator decorated with Loose Change decals - and printing up hundreds of thousands of flyers to pass out on the street. The overarching "feel" of the film is almost one of pity as it explores the self-importance of these people who appear to be silly victims of their own beliefs.


Luke under AJ's wing has done more harm than any MSM pundit, infiltrator, or debunker! They totally subverted any organic representation of 9/11 truth, replacing that possibility with dumb conspiracy fanaticism.

Luke is an illiterate turd who is easily manipulated and shouldn't be in charge of anything. The 'truth squad' confrontations have done more harm than good. Most of the people attracted to WAC are dim witted wing nuts who don't know the first thing about how to determine what it true and not. The organization has become Alex Jones' personal activist army, as easily dismisses as him.


WAC is totally subverting the 9/11 truth movement. My anger is based on caring about the movement and knowing I'm right. And also the fact that the people I'm talking about are exactly those that I can't reason with. The best thing we could do is to break away from all that and start a coalition of 9/11 truth activists who refute any connection to right wing paranoid bullsh*t.

But that's not going to happen. Quantity vs quality is too alluring, even for the discerning among us. And most of us are too unwilling to insult a peer in the interest of global justice. Weakness.