Friday, June 26, 2009

That's Entertainment

A grad student at Cal State Long Beach writes about Truther and actress Marion Cotillard

Cotillard admits, “I have a tendency to often share the point of view of the conspiracy theory. You are shown that other towers of the same kind that were hit by planes, that burnt … There is a tower, I think that it’s in Spain that burnt for 24 hours … before collapsing … It never collapsed! None of these towers collapsed. And, over there, in a few minutes, the thing collapses.”

Yes, the endlessly rehashed Windsor Towers incident. The building was fundamentally different from the WTC in that it was unoccupied (thus no live load), and it had a concrete core. The steel exoskeleton of the building did collapse; what survived was the concrete.

But for real entertainment, check out the comments. Architects & engineers agree with Marion! Scientists recently published a peer-reviewed paper (I guess they aren't going to give that one up)! One commenter channels Kevin Barrett:

Gerry Wachovsky, mouthpeice for the neocons. Your not a skeptic Gerry, you are just a stupid idiot, that knows nothing about 911 Truth. And as a stupid idiot, you look like a food when you try to write something that 'debunks' a movment. The 911 Truth movment, Gerry, you stupid ass, is trying to find out the truth. And when the truth is found, Gerry, you ass, you will be rounded up like the evil idiot you are, and strung from the nearest gallows.