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David Ray Griffin Hosted in Sweden by Anti-Semites

This is a bit old, but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to get around to going through all of it. Plus much of it is in Swedish as it was sent to me by a Swedish reader who was kind enough to translate parts for me, so I have been trying to figure out how to write about it effectively.

On May 11th of this year, David Ray Griffin, the retired theologian and infamous corruptor of history spoke in Stockholm, Sweden at a speech hosted by his Swedish publisher Alhambra. In fact Hesham Bahari, from Alhambra introduced him. You can find various videos of the actual speech, but it is pretty much Griffin's stock speech which he has given dozens of times already. What is more interesting is who his friends at Alhambra are.

Well, from Bahari himself:

"Judarna genom sitt enorma inflytande över USA:s inrikes- och utrikespolitik måste betecknas som den stora segraren efter Andra världskriget."

Which translates as:

"The Jews, with their enormous influence over US domestic and forign policy, must be regarded as the big winner of the second world war."

Ahh, but apparently Mr. Bahari is willing to give the Jews another chance.

"Men judarna har fortfarande en chans: att ta avstånd från Israels politik och från sionismen är räddningen."

"But the Jews still have a chance: Dissociation from the politics of Israel and Zionism is their only way out."

What he proposes for them as an option, I don't really want to know.

Lasse Wilhelmson, who is listed as one of the contacts for Griffin's speech, has some even more offensive statements here and here.

“Judefientlighet har det funnits genom historien. Men ofta är det så att det är judarna själva som genom sitt eget beteende har framkallat den.”

"There has been hostility towards Jews throughout history, But often it is the Jews who have brought on themselves through their actions."

"Historiska fakta är att den så kallade världsjudendomen förklarade krig mot Tyskland redan 1933 [...] Denna krigsförklaring innebar ju att judarna i Tyskland på goda grunder blev betraktade som presumtiva landsförrädare av Hitler.

"It is a historical fact that world Jewry declared war on Germany already in 1933 [...] This declaration of war led to the Jews being rightfully regarded by Hitler as potential traitors."

“Allting med Förintelsen är heligt. Det får inte ifrågasättas. Siffran 6 miljoner är helig. Redan på 20-talet pratade sionister på Wall Street om 6 miljoner judar som skulle dö. Siffran kommer därifrån.”

"Everything regarding the Holocaust is Holy. It must not be questioned. The number 6 million is holy. Already in the 20's Zionists on Wall Street spoke of 6 million Jews who would die. The number comes from there."

I could go on, but it is apparent what type of characters Mr. Griffin was hanging out with.

Update: Incidentally, all the credit for this work goes to Jonathan Leman, who has spent quite a bit of time researching all this. He runs a Swedish language blog, focusing mainly on the topic of anti-Semitism at

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