Monday, July 27, 2009

On the Gossip Column Thing

James mentioned a few posts ago that Kevin Barrett had called this blog nothing more than a gossip column. There's an element of truth to that claim; I do think I find the personalities more interesting these days than the easily debunked claims.

There is one thing that does concern me, however. When we started this blog, we commonly used terms like nutbars and fruitcakes to describe the Troofers. But at least at first it was more used the way the political blogs might use the terms "wingnut" or "moonbat". It was a term of scorn, but not an attempt at an actual diagnosis.

But as time goes by, I'm starting to wonder. You look at people like Sean Fitzgerald and David Shayler, who have completely lost their minds. Judy Woods, Morgan Reynolds, Uncle Fetzer, Wild Bill Deagle, Kevin Barrett himself; there can't be much doubt that these folks are riding the crazy train, right?

Are we just the equivalent of somebody rattling the bars at the insane asylum, calling for the nuts to come out and entertain us?