Sunday, October 04, 2009

Richard Gage Grants Moral Absolution

Now I am hardly anti-Muslim by any means, I served in Bosnia where the Muslims were essentially our allies, it was the Orthodox Serbs who annoyed me, but the idea of conspiracy theory liars granting some sort of excuse to Muslims to pretend that their co-religionists did not carry out some rather heinous acts, and therefore absolving them of any association, strikes me as rather offensive. Sort of like the Holocaust deniers who tell the Germans that it wasn't really their fault, or the Civil War revisionists who insist that slavery had nothing to do with it. Here Richard Gage speaks in a New Jersey mosque, and tells them that Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11. A message that they of course wanted to hear.

"The holy Quran tells us that 'God guides us to the truth.' My commitment to you tonight is to speak that truth, and to leave you with extremely valuable science-based information. It's the responsibility of us, the non-Muslim American citizens, to take the greater risks and to counter the lies that we've highlighted tonight in the official conspiracy theory surrounding this major catalyzing event that has led to even greater atrocities in the Muslim world. On behalf of non-Muslim Americans, I would like to personally apologize for not having yet accomplished enough toward these ends. Speaking on behalf of the 5,000 members of AE911Truth, we promise to do our very best to bring out the truth. Muslims of the world deserve an apology from the real 9/11 perpetrators, their supporters, and non-Muslims who refuse to even look at this scientific evidence. We wish that it was safer for Muslims to be publicly active, but we understand that this is an unfair request — given the post 9/11 political environment. If together, we are successful, you and your Muslim brothers and sisters around the world will no longer have to continually look over your shoulders."