Monday, October 05, 2009

Stockholm Syndrome?

How else to explain this result, as reported by the aptly-named Laurel Bunk at Gage's Gaggle:

Twenty-one people believed fire alone brought down the buildings, and 41 were unsure [before Gage's presentation]. Only two people still believed the fire hypothesis, and 15 remained unsure [after Gage's speech]. While nearly one-third of the audience began the evening skeptical of AE911Truth's conclusion, more than 90% were convinced beyond a doubt that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, once they heard and saw even this abbreviated version of the evidence.

Note that 2/3rds of the crowd was nutter even before Gage opened his pie-hole. So you're sitting there amid a bunch of fruitloops who are oooohing and aaaahing at every word Gage disgorges. And let's face it, you've got to be a little on the kook side to even come out to hear him speak. Note also this result from Gage's speech at a mosque:

After the presentation, Mr. Gage reported that audience members came up to him with tears in their eyes, grateful that the unwarranted persecution of Muslims around the world had been revealed, and with fresh hope that this injustice might be at least greatly reduced. It was an emotionally charged, intense experience, unlike any other presentation Mr. Gage has done. He made a second appearance at the Alaman Mosque on Friday, September 11th, in a command repeat presentation to a new audience.

Simply disgusting. Note as well that Gage's presentation is solely on controlled demolition; he says nothing about the 19 hijackers, who were, well, Muslims, right? So how does his spiel get them off the hook?

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