Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Doltish Nevada Troofer Gets Himself Shot

Jim Duensing, a 9-11 Fruitcake and former Nevada Libertarian congressional candidate attempted suicide by cop the other day:

He added that he was surprised Duensing was shot by police Thursday afternoon after a routine traffic stop near Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard.

"I've known Jim for years. He's not a nut. He's not the kind of guy who's going to flee from police."

Police said the officer fired his weapon after Duensing was asked to get out of his Pontiac rental car because a records check indicated he had a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest.

Police said Duensing then fled and was unsuccessfully Tased and shot several times after he reached in his front pocket for a .45-caliber handgun. Police also said Duensing reached for a large folding knife.

Piecing the story together, the fruitcake was driving in a right turn only lane and cut over into the other lane so he could continue going straight when he was pulled over. In a bit of terrific irony, it turns out that the outstanding warrant was for failing to appear for a traffic ticket where he was driving in the HOV lane without any passengers. Apparently he refused the cops' orders to put his hands on the vehicle and got tased as a result. He pulled the taser wires from his body and started to flee, grabbing for his gun as well. And got his sorry ass shot.

Here's Duensing's version of events:

With my hands raised above my head, the cop shot me with a taser in the chest. As I have had heart problems since my premature birth, I believe a Taser to be a lethal weapon. Several people without heart conditions have been killed by this weapon.

When the taser began electrocuting me, instinct took over. I have been shocked by standard 120 volt electricity, which is what is used in your home. That was bad enough. Metro’s tasers contain “50,000 volts of pain compliance” according to one of the cops at the family law court who was operating the checkpoint.

Let me tell you, it is quite painful.

I immediately turned to my left and began moving away from the source of the electrocution. By the time I got to the back of the vehicle, I had reached up with both hands, grabbed the electrodes, and pulled them away from my chest. The juice then flowed through my arms - not my heart. As I lay here in my hospital bed, I firmly believe this instinct saved my life.

A more sensible conclusion is that this "instinct" almost got him killed. Note this discussion of his wounds:

The shots to my midsection missed all vital organs. Three shots were fired from behind me and to my right. The doctors believe that two of the shots made contact. It appears that one entered my right pec, bounced off my sternum, went through my left pec, then shattered my humerous just above my left elbow. The second shot went in my lower right abdomen and exited my left abdomen without hitting any vital organs.

My god, it's the magic bullet!

Duensing's the assistant organizer for the Las Vegas 9-11 "Truth" Meetup group. Beth, the lead organizer, is apparently his wife (Correction: His mommy). Here's his picture:

One of the dolts over at Lew Rockwell's site laments that the Libertarians seem to be throwing him under the bus:

Before talking to Duensing or trying to verify any information, the local Libertarian Party issued the following in a press release:

The Libertarian Party of Clark County has no information, other than what the local media has reported, regarding the officer involved shooting of Raymond “Jim” Duensing. Until the events surrounding this incident are fully investigated, we will refrain from making any further statements.

The Libertarian Party of Clark County does not advocate fleeing the police as a means of peaceful conflict resolution. Raymond “Jim” Duensing, although a past officer of the party, holds no official standing within our party as an elected officer. Our thoughts go out to Jim Duensing, his family, and the officer involved in this incident (emphasis added).

Yep, Eric Garris, the writer, got his panties in a bunch because the LP dared to actually express some sympathy for the officer involved.

Update: Here's another picture of Duensing with Do-Over:

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