Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Thoughts on the CBC Special

Good lord, what a mess. Let's see, the announcer says that WTC-2 came down at "freefall speed" (sic) (even Gage the goose remembers to say "freefall acceleration"). He says that it came down in 9 seconds (wrong). Tower 1 comes down in its own footprint (wrong) in 11 seconds (wrong).

BTW, one interesting thing is that at times I have heard Richard Gage described as a lifelong Republican. And yet if you'll notice, he heard David Ray Griffin on the radio show Guns and Butter. Guns and Butter is carried on Pacifica Radio, which I'd describe as a far left version of Air America. Oh, that kind of lifelong Republican.

Grifter remembered to put some books on his library shelves this time around. He nonchalantly suggests that Flight 175 could have been shot out of the air (from 180 kilometers away? Cranky Ranke makes an appearance in the second segment; as usual he comes off as a maniac on speed. Kee Dewdney pops in to say that cellphone calls don't work at altitude, and if the cellphone calls were faked, it makes sense to assume that the airfone calls were. I agree with James here, he comes off as a thoroughly repulsive asshole. Oh, and "Hello, Mom, this is Bob Brigham"? Sterling job of research, you toad. Good to see some pushback from the interviewer on that point.

But aside from that and the Brent Blanchard segment, the show mostly seems to be taking the tack that "The 9-11 Truth Movement has a lot of interesting questions, and don't appear to be conspiracy nuts."

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