Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Friends From the North Take on the Truthers

The CBC is running a show on the truthers called "The Unofficial Story" tonight. It is on here in Seattle at 9 PST, but it is also supposed to be on their website tonight too. Should be interesting, eh.

Update: Bleh. For the most part a pretty lame show. Mostly they just ran stupid troofer claims combined with some ominous sounding narration and say that nobody really knows. Mr Cellphone, AK Dewney comes off as a complete asshole. Sorry, I don't swear very often, but there is no other way to say it.

Richard Gage keeps up his every shifting position on the properties of nanothermite. He now claims that it has none of the "loud bangs and bright flashes" of conventional explosives. First of all, how the hell would he know? Exactly how many nanothermite explosions has he witnessed? And if that is true, then why have the truthers, Richard Gage included, been going on about all the accounts of loud bangs and bright flashes at the World Trade Centers? In fact if you look on their homepage, they list those very things as signs of controlled demolition.