Thursday, December 03, 2009

Are You Ready to Rumble?

My Calgary buddy Rob Breakenridge takes on Jesse "The Truther" Ventura in a steel-cage match, and emerges victorious:

When the subject of 9/11 first comes up, Ventura makes reference to someone with the last name 'Farmer' (Ventura apparently isn't sure about the name), the former senior counsel for the 9/11 commission. Ventura says Mr. Farmer:

"...came out publicly and stated unequivocally that at some point the government decided American citizens would not hear the truth about 9/11"

Well, indeed John Farmer may have said that or something close to it. As you can read here, Farmer believes a CYA mentality set in among several top Bush administration officials.

What Ventura doesn't mention is that Mr. Farmer believes that in the end, the truth was uncovered by the work of the 9/11 Commission.

Indeed, if you read the comments by the "high priest" of the 9-11 "Truth" movement on the Farmer book, you'll find that the Troofers who've actually read the book (and not the cover blurbs) are disappointed that Farmer doesn't back up their crackpot theories:

Even more serious than the book's misleading rhetoric is its one-sidedness. Rather than containing an impartial examination of various types of relevant evidence, this book by Farmer - a former prosecuting attorney - reads like a lawyer's brief: Besides citing a large number of facts that appear to support the Bush-Cheney conspiracy theory and trying to undermine some of the contrary evidence (which supports the alternative theory, according to which 9/11 was an inside job), it seeks to suppress, by simply ignoring, the enormous bulk of this contrary evidence.

Grifter posts a bunch of his "contrary evidence", including, hilariously:

6. Claiming that the alleged hijackers purchased tickets and boarded planes (62, 106), Farmer fails to mention that none of their names - indeed, no Arab names whatsoever - were on the passenger manifests of the flights released by the airlines or on the Pentagon autopsy report (NPHR Ch. 6).

For the 1,000th time, David, the lists released by the airlines were of the victims. By definition, the perpetrators are NOT victims, and thus were not on the lists.

Update: I watched the first episode of Ventura's new TV show, Conspiracy Theory, online here. The show covered HAARP, which crackpots claim is some weather-modifying, earthquake-causing, mind control device. It was definitely a trip. Ventura closes by claiming that as a former Navy SEAL he wouldn't be shut out from a Navy facility. Just for starters, the dolt forgets that he's talking about an Air Force facility:

And anyway, I doubt if Jesse's SEAL trident would get him into lots of naval installations no questions asked. What a maroon!

Next week's episode is on the 9-11 Conspiracy Theories, so I can guarantee I'll be tuning in.

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