Sunday, December 06, 2009

Jesse The No-Planer Ventura

Listen to the descriptions of the experts coming up on his 9-11 show, and see if you can see the problem:

Featured Experts and Eyewitnesses: Physicist Steven Jones, who says he found evidence of thermite, a bomb material, in the residue from Ground Zero; explosives expert Van Romero, who performed a test purported to show that liquid thermite can make steel girders burn hotter and faster; demolition expert Brent Blanchard, who says that no inspection for explosive materials was done at the scene; former Air Force pilot Jeff Dahlstrom, who is convinced that 9-11 was a "false flag" operation carried out to push the country into war; Mike Bellone, a recovery worker at Ground Zero who says that he saw airline flight recorders recovered at the scene; Dave Lindorff, a journalist, who says that the recorders were recovered, inspected and turned over to the FBI; Dale Leppard, a former head of the Airline Pilots Association who insists recorders are always found; and former FBI investigator Jack Cloonan, who disputes claims the recorders were found.

Van Romero is presented as a 9-11 "Truth" supporter, but anybody with any experience knows that he's not. And Brent Blanchard says no inspection for explosive materials was done at the scene? Sheesh, Blanchard sounds like another Troof supporter, but we all know he's been quite vigorous about debunking the kooks. What he really says is that there was no evidence of explosive materials at the scene.

On top of that we get phony Bellone and Lindorff, who will presumably attest that he's got an (unnamed) source at the NTSB who told him that they did recover the flight data recorders at the WTC.

But even beyond that, what is the reason for focusing on the black boxes? Isn't it pretty obvious where Ventura's going with this? He's effectively denying that Flight 11 hit the North Tower, and that Flight 175 hit the South Tower. Yep, Jesse has just become a "No-Planer".

Oh, and Dahlstrom took an interesting route to 9-11 Truthiness:

"When 9/11 occurred I bought the entire government and mainstream media story line. I was a lifelong conservative Republican that voted for Bush/Cheney, twice. Curiosity about JFK's death,after a late night TV re-run of Oliver Stone's movie, got me started researching and digging for the truth about his assassins."

If you're stupid enough to fall for one conspiracy theory, you're probably stupid enough to fall for another.

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