Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Success for the Troof Movement

At least according to John Bursill:

Huge Success, YES! 3rd 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo

This Monday, I had sold only 120 tickets of the 500 available and prepared myself for a huge loss from this event. I was very anxious as the days moved towards Dec 5th, but 3rd 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo turned out to be our best event ever.

There was so much dedication and love from so many people it is beyond my words. At the end of the reception, Richard said, "This room is full of love and I do 911 truth for love. I have been to so many events and I have never experienced this much dedication and love in my life. Thank you!!"

Yes, he does Troof for love. Note that Bursill does not provide an updated figure for attendance at the Tokyo event; for that we have to look elsewhere:

When I arrived at the lecture theatre I was a little surprised to see how many people there were (between 100 - 150 by my estimates).

Yes, the hall may have been relatively empty of paying customers, but it was full of love and dedication, so who cares if John Bursill took a bath? Update: After the jump, Bursill mentioned that the total attendance was about 330 (including 30 volunteers). My bad for not clicking on the "read more" part, but 9-11 Blogger requires me to use a proxy server and it gets irritating with all the popups.

Angry Soba, the blogger who attended does a great job of describing the event and the flaws in Box Boy's presentation. And he asks the perfect question:

He seemed amicable enough and shook my hand to introduce himself to the only person in the room who disagreed with him. "So, why is it that there were no sounds of explosions on the videos during the collapse of the buildings?" I asked. He thought about it and at first told me that he wasn't sure but that he had heard that the sounds of explosions had been scrubbed from the audio track. I was a bit confused about this, there were plenty of different videos which had the sounds of the buildings collapsing and the sounds of voices on them. I thought it would take quite a job to erase the sounds of just the explosions and to do that from all the videos of all the news channels from every country as well as all the fire and police cameras. Richard Gage smiled, a little nervously I thought, and said, "I know, it sounds like a conspiracy!"

Great job, Angry Soba!

Update: Apparently Gage wasn't alone on this phase of the tour; Benjamin Fulford joined in as well. Remember him? The guy who wrote:

For millennia the ancient Babylonian secret slave driving cults have used the Jews like a matadors’ cape, to distract people from the real source of their anger. When the Jews are attacked, they are forced to huddle around the slave drivers for protection. Later, the cultists appeal to good heart of the people by making them feel guilty about their attacks on the Jews. In Europe and North America, humanity’s natural kindness has been used to brainwash us into a knee-jerk reaction against anything that is labeled Anti-Semitism. The way to remove this brainwash is to compile a database of everything that is called Anti-Semitic and remove from that database anything that is anti-Jew. The remaining body of knowledge can be renamed anti-Satanism. It will be useful in identifying the real villains and the things they are trying to hide.

Yep, the guy who believes that the ancient Babylonian secret slave-driving cults are behind it all, pulling the strings.

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