Monday, January 04, 2010

CIT Continues As Most Controversial In Fruitcake Movement

I have to confess, I'm enjoying the continued in-fighting among the Troofers on the North of Citgo flyover theory espoused by Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis. I almost get to the point where I'm feeling sympathetic to the supposedly responsible kooks. And then something like this happens.

They're discussing the details of Roosevelt Roberts' (the supposed flyover witness) claim that he heard an explosion shortly before he ran out to see the plane, Rancho Truth, one of the CIT-debunkers suggests an alternative explanation:

Seems to me the most likely explanation is that Roberts heard a bomb going off just before AA 77's impact, ran outside and saw AA 77.

Update: More of the CIT nonsense here. My personal favorite bit:

Because it seems to me that if this man could feel the heat from this plane, then he could NOT have been wrong about the flight path. Which leaves only one possibility. That he was wrong about impact.