Sunday, January 03, 2010

Screw Lew

Lew Rockwell's site publishes a masterpiece of conspiracy theorizing about the Christmas bomber, written by a fruitcake named William Norman Grigg.

We get the familiar claims from the Haskells that the bomber was helped on the plain by an "Indian" man. This leads to speculation that the Indian CIA may have been involved. And maybe our CIA. It's called a false-flag attack:

Those of a cynical cast of mind might wonder if RAW (the Research and Analysis Wing, India's CIA) helped Abdumutallab hitch a ride on Flight 253 in order to send a message to Langley. Those whose cynicism is a bit riper might wonder if the boys at Langley had become aware of the plot involving Abdumutallab and permitted it to go forward in the service of Washington's agenda – which includes escalating a previously covert military campaign in Yemen, the country where the jockstrap bomber reportedly was tutored in terrorism by al-Qaeda.

And at that point, the kookery gets ladled on with a trowel. We get the familiar claims that the FBI was involved in the initial bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. Operation Northwoods gets wheeled out. And:

Many serious and sober people believe that the accepted narrative of the 9/11 atrocities is entirely fictitious. But in light of the role played by veteran U.S. asset Ali Mohammed, it's incontestable that the attack was, in some sense, an "inside job" even if one accepts the standard "nineteen Muslims armed with boxcutters" version of the event.

Many serious and sober people believe that? Or is is many seriously deranged people? At any rate, Grigg sounds like he belongs in a rubber room with the rest of the 9-11 nutbars. Boos to Lew Rockwell for publishing this trash on his website.