Friday, January 08, 2010

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Okay, so the A&E 9-11 Fruitcakes are about to celebrate their 1000th "professional" architect or engineer to sign onto their cruddy petition. Of course, it's coming almost 2-1/2 years later than Richard Gage originally predicted (remember 9-11-07 was the original target date), and each anniversary after that Gage also established as a a goal. And while we can laugh and point out that the average age of the 9-11 Truth Architect and Engineers member is "emeritus", at the same time, 1000 is a significant number in our culture, and you can understand why they would consider this a milestone.

But what about this bit of bar-setting in an info posting over there:

We would like to double this accomplishment into 2000 signers before summer of 2010 and with your help we can do it. If each and every one of you will talk to ten friends or colleagues and sign up just two of them, then we will succeed.

I'm going to predict here and now that they will fall about 950 signers short of that goal by the summer of 2010. Way to go, Richard!

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