Friday, January 01, 2010

We Need Adam Sandler

To tell us who's a Jew and who's not in the 9-11 fruitcake movement.

Does Dylan Avery light the menorah?
What about Jason Bermas and the idiot Pauly Shore-Ah!

Jon Gold, no longer a Jew:
For years, I have had to deal with individuals making up narratives about me using my religion of birth which is Judaism.

But you know who is? Hall of Famer Rod Carew! (He converted!)

Alex Jones, never mentions the Mossad.
Is it because he wears a skullcap, while praying to his God?

Is Steven Jones, still a Latter Day Saint?
Even if he's wrong, about thermite in the paint?

Willie Rodriguez, doesn't reads from the Torah
Could be why his site is such a bore-ah!

Les Jamieson, is a big fan of Urantia,
Maybe that's how it became NY-CANTia!

Update: Maybe some of you have never heard of this song?